The 90 Day Method to Boost Resililence

Life is busy for professionals.

Not to mention the constant pressure to be perfect


…and the stress and guilt that follow

when our unreasonable expectations aren’t met. 

Are you feeling frustrated with your wellness goals? 

You’ve tried the trends, social media tips, SMART goals, and more.   


But you just can’t seem to find a good flow to make health and wellness sustainable.


 I hear you. That was me too. 

What if I told you that by prioritizing yourself for 2 hours per month you could…

That is all it takes in my signature program,

Energized & Optimized: The 90 Day Method to Boost Performance

*Application is required prior to signing up for the program. 

Tori Carroll, MSW
Mental Health Speaker & Coach,
Founder of Victory Wellness

I have all the tools I need to build innovative, impactful programs. 

…so I created Energized & Optimized: The 90 Day Method to Boost Performance. My signature program is built on cutting-edge mental health & wellness research and a passion for empowering people to truly thrive in their lives

The modern workforce has more demands on their time and energy than ever before.

 Seeing mental health & wellness as low-priority items on their to-do list means that they don’t get attention

until there are serious problems.

Energized & Optimized is a 90 day program that will help you turn exhaustion into energy & enjoyment in 

only 2 hours per month


For 90 days, I will guide you to monitor your stress, prioritize your self-care, achieve your three 90 day goals, and more.


This program is structured so that you can finally stop losing yourself to demanding pressure for good. 

Are you ready to learn how to actually enjoy your full life?

together victorious

“The Energized & Optimized Program had a major impact on my life by showing me that each day can help get you to where you want to go. I set two different kinds of goals, one personally intense while the other was lighthearted, there were so many moments of celebration and satisfaction during the process that I am excited to set another goal!”

– Chelsea C.

here's what you'll cover in each of the 7 sessions:

Start out the program feeling confident, informed, and prepared.

Learn my method to identify areas of growth in your life so that you can set goals today and beyond.

People tend to give up on their goals once they hit snags. Discover how to adapt and ultimately achieve your goals!

You will explore how to use self-compassion to improve your mental health and well-being.

Self-awareness is the first step to reduce stress. Practice this and create a plan to deal with stress in your life.

You may be using self-care all wrong! Discover how to customize your self-care to increase energy and decrease stress.

Let’s celebrate your amazing progress and reflect on our time together! You will leave the session feeling prepared to pursue your next set of goals.

results you want
Victory Icons 2b

Feel more energized

Victory Icons 2a

Lower stress and guilt

punitive mindset

Break free from a perfection mindset

3 goal plan

Know how to create and set achievalbe goals

self care

Discover the benefits of wellness and self-care

self esteem

Believe in your self-worth

What's Included

Want to learn more about the program? Download the program syllabus by hitting the link below to read about outcomes, what to expect during each session and more!


Before we start, let's get to know each other a little bit and make sure we are a good fit. Your Free 30-minute Discovery Call has no commitment and will feel like getting a cup of coffee with me!

One 1-Hour Welcome

Once you have decided to become a client, we will have a session to cover all logistics and expectations for the program so that you know exactly what to expect and are prepared for the program ahead.

Six 1:1

Six innovative one-hour sessions complete with an engaging workbook so that you learn tools and skills to reduce stress and guilt in your life. *Sessions can be completed weekly or bi-weekly based on preference within the 90 days.

90 Day Plan

Research shows that 90 days is the sweet spot for setting & achieving goals to make long-term change. In E&O, we will come up with three 90 Day Goals so that you will see a meaningful impact on your life and know how to set goals on your own.

Research-Driven Curriculum

Rest assured: my Energized & Optimized curriculum is rooted in up-to-date positive psychology and mental health research so that you are always getting the most effective and innovative experience.


- Welcome Kit with physical & digital workbook so that you can have a guide that you can always refer back
- Unlimited email communication so that you can feel supported in between sessions
- Monthly Feedback to coach so that you can voice questions and concerns to your coach periodically ensuring high satisfaction
VIP with crown

VIP Exclusive bonus features

why you should enroll today

Neglecting your mental health and wellness long-term can result in…


Digestive issues

High blood pressure

Development of depression and/or anxiety  


This doesn’t need to happen to you.

By joining my program and giving attention to your mental health and wellness you can experience...
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Greater life satisfaction

Victory Icons 2c

Better moods

Victory Icons 2d

Clearer & Sharper Thinking

Victory Icons 2e

Improvements in relationship and communication

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Choose the enrollment option that is perfect for you!

full payment





3 monthly payments

$735 per month



$795 per month

Sign up for your Free Discovery Call to learn more or to get started!

*Application is required prior to signing up for the program. 

I’m so sure you’ll love Energized & Optimized that I guarantee it!

You will get 14 days to go through Energized & Optimized and if you’re not happy with it, 

I’ll give you your money back. No questions asked.

All course materials will need to be returned/destroyed or will result in no refund and potential legal action.


together victorious

“From the very first session I could feel a sense of relief. Tori provided me with all of the materials needed to make successful changes in my life. She is kind and thoughtful in the way she approaches different options in changing habits. Eternally grateful for her!”

– Bekah S.

12 weeks from now,
you will have...



Gained the energy you need to keep up with your busy life


My program is designed for the busy professional who has no time. Commitment is two 1-hour sessions per month and about 10-15 minutes worth of homework to be completed before each session.

Virtual (Zoom) or in-person options are available. Specifics will be determined during the Discovery Call or Welcome Call. In-person sessions must be in the Denver or Las Vegas area.

Your start date is flexible and can be decided after your Discovery Call. 

No, it is a mindset program not therapy. Serious concerns should be directed to a mental health professional. Victory Wellness programs are not covered by insurance.

You will get 14 days to go through Energized & Optimized and if you’re not happy with it, I’ll give you your money back. No questions asked. All course materials will need to be returned/destroyed or no refund will be given and potential legal action may be taken.

A wellness coach’s role is to be your partner in crime. As your coach, I believe that you know what’s best for you and have the answers yourself. My job is to help you dig deep into your life and gain the courage to stop getting in your own way and to live your best life.

Each coaching session starts with a brief welcome and review of goal progress, homework, learning moments, etc. Then, we dive into the interactive content of the module using your workbook. Lastly, we close with a reflection, celebration activity, and review of next homework. 

Ready to get started?

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