5 Easy Ways to Strengthen Your Mental Health Daily

Feeling stressed? Exhausted? Mentally Foggy? Bad about yourself? Try these simple tips below and notice immediate results! 

  1. Do Something That Makes You Happy For No Reason 

As adults, we have cumulatively lost the act of “playing” for fun, which is a true tragedy! Not only are there research-supported benefits for “playing” in adulthood (like improved brain function, reduced stress, and improved relationships), it is an essential practice to stay true to the less-serious pieces of your personality and identity. So build those legos, do a cannonball into the pool, or paint a good (or terrible) picture – your brain will thank you! (1)

  1. Get Moving Daily

Notice I didn’t say “destroy yourself at the gym”. Sure, being a gym rat is one way of getting your body moving, but there are so many other ways. Taking a walk, having a mini dance party, stretching, taking a self-defense class, or playing some volleyball at the park are all amazing ways to move. (2)

  1. Socialize 

You need your people. In the digital age – especially during a pandemic – socializing looks different now than it ever has in history. Is that an excuse to isolate? Absolutely not. Loneliness can result in sleep issues, depression, anxiety, weakened immune system, and impaired brain function. Prioritize your relationships today, whether that’s a FaceTime call, text, or -better yet- meeting a loved one for coffee or lunch. Hell, plan a vacation with your bestie! (3)

  1. Fill Your Body With Premium Fuel 

You can’t expect your mind & body to run optimally if it is being fueled by sugar, fast food, or processed food. These foods tend to be easier to come by and don’t require prep, but they could be costing you your mental clarity, energy, mood swings, and overall well-being. Instead, have quick healthy snacks and recipes on hand, plan meal times to avoid being hangry, or maybe even invest in a meal prep service. (4)

  1. Give Yourself Grace and Patience

You know what really damages your mental health? Negative self-talk, trying to pursue perfection, constantly worrying, beating yourself up over mistakes, etc. I am here to tell you that you are doing a great job being you. And you would be an even better you, if you gave yourself some grace and patience. I am not going to lie, it is really tough to change these habits, but you are worth it. Practice affirmations, incorporate a meditation practice, or chat with a coach (like me!) or therapist to learn how to strengthen your self-love! (5)

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