Odds are- the health and wellness industry

has done you dirty.

They want your money and will use

your shame, guilt, and ignorance to get it.


As a licensed social worker and 

health-conscious person, 

I am committed to sharing solutions that are



Practical & Simple




because that is what has worked 

in my own personal & professional life. 

Tori Carroll, LMSW
Mental Health Speaker & Coach
Founder of Victory Wellness

I founded Victory Wellness to empower professionals to choose healthier, more fulfilling lives through practical mental health solutions.

I grew up in Las Vegas where hustle is in the air. I was very lucky to have inspiring – and often pushy – mentors throughout my life who encouraged me to be great. And what did “great” mean? They didn’t tell me. That was for me to find out (ugh!). 


During my three years as a Community Educator (Certified in Trauma-Informed Education) at a women-empowering non-profit, my passion for educating and supporting others’ mental health & wellness grew immensely. 

With 5+ years in the field of social work, I have refined my ability to connect and inspire people to take accountability of their lives and choose to thrive- with the right tools, of course!

4 B_W

When I saw the devastation the pandemic had on mental health, I knew I had to step in and use my expertise to make a difference, which is why I created my signature talk – 3 Reasons Your Post-Pandemic Mental Health Sucks



Learn more about it here.