In your day, do you feel that the tasks go on-and-on, that someone is disappointed, and that you feel frustrated with yourself? 


I have been there too and it’s a lot of pressure. The path towards perfection sucks and will always end in failure. Yep, always. 


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I founded Victory Wellness, LLC. to educate and empower a stressed-out workforce on mental health & wellness so that they can feel fulfilled and actually enjoy their lives.

I grew up in Las Vegas where hustle is in the air. I was very lucky to have inspiring – and often pushy – mentors throughout my life who encouraged me to be great. And what did “great” mean? They didn’t tell me. That was for me to find out (ugh!). 


My three years experience as a Community Educator (Certified in Trauma-Informed Education) at a women-empowering non-profit intensified my passion for educating and supporting others’ mental health & wellness.

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When I saw the devastation the pandemic had on mental health, I knew I had to step in and use my expertise to make a difference, which is why I became a certified Life Coach from the IAP Career College and started Victory Wellness, LLC. 


I would love to work with you and see if we are a good fit for one of my programs.