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Join the 71% of businesses who are stepping up for their employees by

improving benefits and employee wellness support*

by offering one of my stress-reducing, energy-increasing coaching programs.

This a mindset program, not therapy. Serious mental health concerns should be directed to a mental health professional. 

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44% of business leaders say

employee morale is declining*

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Mental health & wellbeing has dropped

33% since 2019**

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Over 40% of employees are


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Only 7% of employees have reached out to a mental health professional***

Show your employees you care

during a pivotal time in history

by offering one of my 1:1 coaching programs.

Bonus: My programs may be considered a tax-deductible expense depending on your district. 

Let’s meet and discuss how your staff will benefit from my services during your Free Discovery Call.

My programs are not therapy. Serious mental health concerns should be directed to a mental health professional. 

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“I highly recommend Victory Wellness. Working with Tori has been truly amazing.

Experiencing her Energized and Optimized coaching program has allowed my team

and I to develop a plan of action to reach our goals and has made us a stronger team.”

– Bailey S.

Tori Carroll, Coach and Founder of Victory Wellness, LLC

“The pandemic’s devastating impact on mental health inspired me to design a program that reduces stress for professionals who are needing some mental health & wellness support.”

Why Choose Me?

Learn more about how I can support your staff today by signing up for a Free Corporate Discovery Call.

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“Tori knows how to support safe and open group discussions about mental health.

I have been able to witness her lesson plans all the way down to teaching strategies.

She has interactive activities and helps connect groups to community resources.”

– Kaelin T.

Available Workshop Topics

Tori Carroll (MSW) creates her signature workshops according to the strongest mental wellness and positive psychology research. Additionally, she customizes and facilitates workshops to meet your company’s needs and goals.

  • All topics can be adapted to include the impacts from Covid-19 on mental health.

Don’t see a mental wellness topic you’re interested in or want to learn more about our workshops? Schedule your FREE Discovery Call and we can discuss how we can best support your team. 

Cultivating Mental Wellness During a Pandemic

The impacts of Covid-19 have had known and unknown consequences on mental health. Discuss and discover why you may be having trouble “snapping out of it” and gain tools that can help you cultivate mental wellness during uncertain times.

Give Yourself
A Break:
Using Self-Compassion
to Prevent Burnout

Burnout can show up as a consistent bad attitude, lack of motivation, insomnia, stomach issues, and more. This workshop incorporates education on the psychological and physical impacts of burnout, while providing tools and skills to combat it.

How Stress
May Be
Your Life

Discover how stress harms the body, mind, and spirit and learn how you can intentionally integrate wellness strategies into your lifestyle that work for you.

Is Work/Life Balance Even Possible?

This problem is as old as time. Discover how you can use quality over quantity to prioritize the different domains of your life. Practice time-management in a new way by maximizing on your personal strengths.

So You Want to Achieve Your Goals?

Goal Setting 101. Learn how to set achievable, realistic, and sustainable goals, while preparing for obstacles. Discover how goal-setting can become a lifestyle rather than a phase.

Not Just a Trendy Buzz Word

Take a personal Wellness Inventory and learn how to prioritize and customize the 6 domains of self-care according to psychology to promote overall wellness.

What's Included in your Group Workshop


FREE 30-Minute Initial Consultation with your Corporate Representative

customizable workshop

Highly Customizable Workshop to Meet your Workplace Needs and Goals


Curriculum Rooted in Up-to-Date Mental Wellness and Positive Psychology Research


Up to Two One-Hour Consultations to Discuss Workshop Plan and Vision