Individual Programs and Group Workshops

Ultimately, we are all working on teams. Research shows that investing in coaching sparks enjoyment, as well as efficiency. 

Strengthen workplace morale and employee satisfaction by setting up individual coaching sessions or a highly customizable workshop for your staff today on a mental wellness topic of your choice!

*This a mindset program, not therapy. Serious mental health concerns should be directed to a mental health professional. 

Options to Fit Your Needs

Individual Coaching

Reduced Rates for 5+ Individuals in your corporation

$500 per person

This program, rooted in maximizing personal strengths and prioritizing mental wellness, revolutionizes goal-setting into becoming a lifestyle, rather than a phase.  Learn more about my Trailblazer Program here.

  • Research-based positive psychology curriculum 
  • Wellness Inventory 
  • Self Care Plan


  • One 30 Minute Discovery Call
  • Six 1-Hour Trailblazer sessions within 90 days (Recommended 2x per month)
  • Unlimited Email Communications

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$300 per person

Welcome to Goal Setting 101. Learn how to set realistic and achievable goals with the added bonus of a coach providing accountability and support. 


  • Three 1-hour sessions within 90 days (Recommended 1x per month)
  • Unlimited Email Communications

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Interactive Group Workshops

Potential Wellness Workshop Topics Below

Starting at $600

Two hours of engaging activities and practical education on the wellness topic of your choice. This is a great option to reach your entire staff and strengthen team dynamics.


  • One 2-hour group session on your chosen mental wellness topic

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Starting at $1,300

Four intentional, interactive, and innovative sessions that will have a meaningful and long-term impact on your staff. We will deep dive into the mental wellness topic of your choice, while giving space for group discussions and reflections (hello, team rapport!)


  • Four 1-hour group sessions on your chosen mental wellness topic

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Available Workshop Topics

Tori Carroll (MSW) creates her signature workshops according to the strongest mental wellness and positive psychology research. Additionally, she customizes and facilitates workshops to meet your company’s needs and goals. 


  • All topics can be One Session or Four Session Workshops
  • All topics can be adapted to include the impacts from Covid-19 on mental health.


Don’t see a mental wellness topic you’re interested in or want to learn more about our workshops? Schedule your FREE consultation and we can discuss how we can best support your team. 

Cultivating Mental Wellness During a Pandemic

The impacts of Covid-19 have had known and unknown consequences on mental health. Discuss and discover why you may be having trouble “snapping out of it” and gain tools that can help you cultivate mental wellness during uncertain times.

"Am I Experiencing. Burnout?": Dealing with Trauma in the Workplace

Burnout can show up as a consistent bad attitude, lack of motivation, insomnia, stomach issues, and more. This workshop incorporates education on the psychological and physical impacts of burnout, while providing tools and skills to combat it.

Mental Wellness:
How Stress May be Ruining
Your Life

Discover how stress harms the body, mind, and spirit and learn how you can intentionally integrate wellness strategies into your lifestyle that work for you.

Is Work/Life Balance Even Possible?

This problem is as old as time. Discover how you can use quality over quantity to prioritize the different domains of your life. Practice time-management in a new way by maximizing on your personal strengths.

So You Want to Achieve Your Goals?

Goal Setting 101. Learn how to set achievable, realistic, and sustainable goals, while preparing for obstacles. Discover how goal-setting can become a lifestyle rather than a phase.

Not Just a Trendy Buzz Word

Take a personal Wellness Inventory and learn how to prioritize and customize the 6 domains of self-care according to psychology to promote overall wellness.

What's Included in your Group Workshop


FREE 30-Minute Initial Consultation with your Corporate Representative

customizable workshop

Highly Customizable Workshop to Meet your Workplace Needs and Goals


Curriculum Rooted in Up-to-Date Mental Wellness and Positive Psychology Research


Up to Two One-Hour Consultations to Discuss Workshop Plan and Vision

Ready to get started?