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Enroll in a virtual group program today to achieve your goals relating to a specific topic with the support of like-minded individuals.

Group coaching is a good option for you if you are looking for accountability, support, and coaching resources, but may not need the intensive one-on-one attention.


Maximum of 10 clients per group to ensure quality of experience.

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Beginning Spring 2021

Have you had trouble setting realistic goals, keeping motivated, and/or following through? In Strengthen Your Mental Game, you will gain confidence in your ability to set and achieve goals, identify personal roadblocks, and walk away with tips and tricks of how to utilize your mental wellness to your advantage. 


In this four-session experience, you’ll learn how to use self-awareness to strengthen your mental game to set and achieve goals that actually stick.


Through this course, participants will discover:


How to identify potential goal opportunities

mental strength

How to integrate mental strengths into goal-setting

group transparent

The power of sharing experiences with others

goal setting

Tips for setting achievable and sustainable goals

mental wellness

Tips for integrating mental wellness into their lives


How to plan effectively for overcoming obstacles

What's Included

Want to learn more about the program? Download the program syllabus by hitting the link below to read about outcomes, what to expect during each session and more!

Initial Consultation

Before we start, let's get to know each other a little bit! Your FREE 30-minute consultation will feel more like getting a cup of coffee with me than an interview, I promise!

One 30-Minute Individual Session

Schedule a one-on-one coaching session, in addition to your group sessions, to dive deeper into your personal goals or challenges and get individual support.

Four 1-Hour Virtual Group Sessions

Four interactive and intentional virtual sessions packed with tools, activities, and mutual support. Sessions will take place on Zoom.


These 60 days will set you up for long-term success. Groups will meet for one-hour sessions, 2x per month for two months. Unlimited emails are available within the 60 days.

Research-Driven Curriculum

My Group Curriculum is rooted in up-to-date mental wellness and positive psychology research.

Email Communication

No matter what, I'm here for you. Email me at any time to discuss your progress or questions that you may have.

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