Do you want to have more energy and less stress, but have no time? 

My streamlined, signature 90 minute session is designed for you. 

Together, we will determine what… 

You will learn how you may be approaching “wellness” all wrong and will leave with a customized plan to increase energy and decrease stress. 


Bonus! You also get a 30 min follow-up session so that you can feel supported and confident in following through with your plan.

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Through this course, participants will discover:

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Feel More Energized

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Lower Stress and Guilt

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Discover the benefits of wellness and self-care

What's Included

Want to learn more about the program? Download the program syllabus by hitting the link below to read about outcomes, what to expect during each session and more!

90 Minute session

All it takes is 90 minutes to start your journey to wellness.

One 30-Minute Follow Up Session

To be completed within 90 days. Schedule a follow up session, to dive deeper into your personal goals or challenges and get individual support.

Research-Driven Curriculum

My Curriculum is rooted in up-to-date mental wellness and positive psychology research.

Wellness Inventory

Take the quiz and identify areas of your wellness you are doing well and areas that you may be neglecting.

Energizers & Relaxers Activity

Brainstorm what helps you have energy and what helps you relax. This activity will help you realize what activities are suited to your unique personality, lifestyle, and needs.


Self-care is not one-size-fits-all so we will create a custom plan for you and make it a game! This game also presents an opportunity for a guaranteed prize.


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“Tori looks at all angles of your life and chooses the best angle to go about redirecting your focus. Her coaching structure is comprehensive and straight forward;

if anyone is looking to positively impact their life I highly recommend her.”

– Bekah S.

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